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Solar Energy Installation in Cameroon

Are you looking for solar energy installation in Cameroon. We have the best solution for your energy needs. Electricity in Cameroon is quite unstable because there is only one electricity company in Cameroon. This situation can be quite frustrating when your business depends on electricity. In this post, i’ll be telling you about a solar energy installation company in Cameroon. This company in amazing and has all what it takes to install off-grid solar power in your home, office, workplace, institution, organisation or even in your village.

solar energy installation in cameroon

Nenics (Renewable Solar Energy Installation in Cameroon)

Nenics is a solar energy installation company based in Cameroon specialized in sales and installation of solar energy systems. They also maintain solar power systems. If you already have a solar system and it doesn’t function well, they can redo the system for you to enjoy electricity in your home or job site and be able to serve your customers or carry on with your activities. They have installed a variety of systems across the country.

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