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Best Web Design and Hosting in Kumba

Web Design and Web Hosting in Kumba. Are you looking for the Best website Company to build, host and manage your website(s) in Kumba? You’ve come to the right place. According to speed, uptime and cost, Namepress is the best Web Design and Web Hosting company in Kumba. North West Region of Cameroon. We build amazing websites that look good on every device.

What is web hosting in Kumba?

Web Hosting in Kumba is a service that enables you to host a website. In other words web hosting is the space you rent out to keep your website files. To build a website successfully, you need the services of a web hosting company. There are many web hosting companies in Cameroon. But according to uptime, speed and cost, Namepress is the Best.

Types of Web Hosting in Kumba

There are many types of web hosting in Kumba. If you are looking for the best web hosting service provider in Kumba, then you should consider choosing Namepress. We offer the most affordable web hosting plans with packages starting from as low as 12,900frs annually. Please visit our website ( and select the student web hosting category. You’ll find the cheapest packages there. With only 12,900frs annually you can get web hosting for your business.

What to consider when choosing the best web hosting in Kumba

When choosing a web hosting provider in Kumba, you should not make the mistake of just googling. Do some research and find out the best company comparatively. The truth is that when it comes to the web hosting business, Customer support is very crucial. So if you’re looking for the best web hosting company in Kumba. Look for the company with the best customer support service like Namepress. Click here to get web hosting from Namepress.

Read Customer Reviews

One of the things to consider when choosing a web design or a web hosting company is to read their customer reviews on google or some other website. There are many websites specialized in collecting customer reviews. When you go through those reviews, you will discover that Namepress is the Web Design and Web Hosting Company in Kumba.

How to Build a website in Kumba

Nowadays, building a website in Kumbais somehow easy. Especially a wordpress website. Building a website requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, javascript, BOOTSTRAP and WORDPRESS for front-end web development. If you’re interested in learning how to build a website in Kumba, then you’re in the right place. At Namepress, one of our services is training. We Train students on valuable IT skills that can transform and impact the lives of every youth in this very challenging society we find ourselves in. Please visit our website for more information (

How to Host a website in Kumba

Hosting a website in Kumba isn’t all that challenging. If you’re a web developer and you are looking for the best web hosting company in Kumba, then worry not because we have the best solution for you. According to uptime, speed and cost, Namepress is the best web hosting company in Kumba for hosting any kind of website. No matter how complicated the niche is. One thing that makes Namepress the best company is because they treat their clients well and help them promote their websites online for free! When you purchase a web hosting plan from Namepress, you will get 1 week free website promotion on facebook and instagram every year. Isn’t that too much of a bonus!

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