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Best Web Hosting Company in Cameroon

Are you looking for the best web hosting company in Cameroon? You’ve come to the right place. Namepress is your #1 web hosting company. Our web hosting services are very affordable and 20X faster than other competing web hosts in Cameron. We have the following web hosting packages: Shared hosting, Cloud hosting and Student hosting. Our student hosting plans are the most affordable but with very limited resources and customer support. So we recommend our cloud or shared hosting packages.

Shared Web Hosting in Cameroon

Shared web hosting is the type of web hosting where many websites share a single physical server. On a shared server, many websites share a common ip address web server. The advantage of shared hosting is that you can host unlimited websites on a single control panel (cpanel). It is also good for web developers working on multiple websites. The major disadvantage of shared hosting is that many websites share bandwidth and this can slow down your hosting experience. Also on shared hosts, A virus infection on one of your websites can affect another website sharing the server with the infected site. Shared host is like many people living in the same house sharing all the resources in that house if one person gets infected, then the others will definitely catch the infection too. We are the best web hosting company in Cameroon to get shared hosting.

Cloud Web Hosting in Cameroon

Cloud web hosting is very similar to shared web hosting. The main difference is that you get a dedicated ip address that is unique to your website address alone. This dedicated ip address can be seen as virtual physical server for yourself alone. Please take note that cloud hosting should not be confused with virtual private servers or dedicated servers. Cloud hosting is completely a different thing from the other forms of web hosting.

Student Web Hosting in Cameroon

Our student web hosting package is a customized shared hosting package for people who do not have enough money to invest on a website. This packages have very limited resources and are only good for students. Businesses cannot make use of this hosting package because the resources are highly metered.

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