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Cost of Buying Backlinks

Cost of buying backlinks for any kind of website on the internet. Buying backlinks online is a common practice nowadays. In this post, i will explain what backlinks are and how much it cost to buy them. Before i begin let me start by explaining a few words related to backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is the presence of a website URL on another website. For example if i insert Google’s website link on my website, then i am giving them a backlink. Backlinks are a vote of confidence according to search engines. So buying them is very important for search engine optimization (SEO).

Types of Backlinks

There are two main types of backlinks; Do-follow and No-follow backlinks. Basically, do-follow backlinks are those type of backlinks that are relevant to your SEO and help improve the domain authority score of your website. They are links instructing search engines to follow them. No-follow backlinks are backlinks that do not affect the domain authority score of your website. This is so because search engines have been instructed not to follow or index them (no-follow).

Cost of Buying Backlinks

Buying backlinks can cost from $50 and above. But this price is not fixed. It can also depend on where and whom you’re buying them from. Note should be taken that some companies sell backlinks.

Where to buy Backlinks

Buying backlinks can be challenging if you don’t know a reliable place to buy them. At Namepress, we sell very high quality backlinks for your SEO. Buying our backlinks is not expensive. You can buy our backlinks from our website by navigating to our backlinks page.

What to Consider when buying backlinks

when buying backlinks, you should consider the quality of the backlinks and if the referring websites are related to your niche. Your website will have better rankings if your backlinks come from your competitor. This will mean that your website is more credible.

For more information on the cost of buying backlinks, Please speak with one of our SEO experts on the cost of buying backlinks.