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How to Hire an SEO Expert in Cameroon

How to Hire an SEO Expert in Cameroon without the fear of loosing your money. In this post, we will be discussing how you can hire an SEO expert in Cameroon without spending so much cash or in a worst case scenario loosing your hard earned money.

As you may already know, SEO is the only service that brings you the highest free website traffic without you having to spend so much on ads. But before we proceed, i would like us to talk a little about SEO.

What is SEO and what is it all about?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website on search engines in order to appear ahead of competitors on search engines such as Google etc. SEO normally is free but requires the skill of an SEO expert to do it right and bring you website traffic. What i mean here is that normally, you do not pay Google or other search engines for SEO traffic. It is a free service that requires skill to get ahead of competitors. However, if you would like to pay you can subscribe for a google service called Google Adwords.

One thing you must know about SEO is that it doesn’t guarantee you customers. Because you are found on the first page of Google doesn’t mean you will automatically get lot’s of customers daily. For you to get customers from your SEO campaign, your web developer must have made sure you have good conversion rates on your website. Conversion in web design means the process of turning a website visitor into a customer.

What is the SEO process in Cameroon

Below is the SEO process in Cameroon. By SEO process i mean the steps we follow to achieve good SEO results for our clients. The following are the 8 steps we follow:

  1. Website Analysis
  2. Client Requirements
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Content Writing
  5. Website Optimization
  6. SEO Submission
  7. Link Building
  8. Reporting

5 Things to Consider When Hiring an SEO Expert in Cameroon

1) Experience of the SEO Expert

When hiring an SEO Expert in Cameroon, his or her experience is a primordial factor. You should always try to find out his experience and the various sites he has promoted using SEO and proof he was actually the one who did those sites.

2) Expertise or Skill of the SEO Expert

The second thing you should look out for when hiring an SEO expert in Cameroon is his expertise or skills. One thing you should know is that not everyone who claims to be an SEO expert actually knows what are some basics of SEO. The reason why this post is ranking is because we have mastered the techniques of achieving high Google rankings. So therefore, when hiring an SEO Expert, you should find someone who has mastered the best SEO practices for that year. Because actually Google always updates their algorithm and they never reveal them to the public.

3) Pricing of the SEO

The third other thing to consider when hiring an SEO expert in Cameroon is his pricing. A good SEO expert will set prices which are affordable by his clients. With us, when you hire us for SEO, we will make sure you pay progressively as we deliver the results. We usually set a staring fee that is minimal but increases monthly as we bring you the results you desire.

4) Reviews of the SEO Expert

Another important thing to consider when hiring an SEO Expert in Cameroon is his company reviews. Click here to read reviews about our web design and proven SEO services.

5) Case Study of the SEO Expert

Case study of the SEO expert here will mean the various projects he or she has ranked successfully. So to hire an SEO expert in Cameroon, you should not forget to see a case study.

3 Reasons why some SEO experts in Cameroon fail to deliver good results

1) Lack of Training

Many WordPress developers in Cameroon claim to be SEO experts but when they aren’t. These are people who will take your money and not deliver any results. You should always be careful not to fall in the hands of these unprofessional web developers. SEO professionalism is not by mouth. They should always show you proven results and evidence they are the one’s who actually did the projects.

2) Lack of Professional skills

Most people in Cameroon lack the professional skills of an SEO Expert. It requires training and experience to make a good SEO expert.

3) Lack of Experience

Lack of experience too is another reason why most people fail to deliver good SEO results to their website clients. Click here to contact us for your SEO services.

What is the cost of SEO in Cameroon?

SEO services in Cameroon can cost between 60,000frs to 200,000frs monthly depending on various factors. Click here to read more about the cost of SEO in Cameroon.

How to Hire an SEO Expert in Cameroon

To hire an SEO expert in Cameroon, you can either write us via email, live chat, phone call or WhatsApp. Please click the button below to hire a professional SEO expert in Cameroon