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How to make money online in Cameroon |

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Making money online in Cameroon can be somehow challenging for beginners. Please take note that making income online must not involve scamming or doing some illegal activity online. There are actually several legal real ways of how to make income online in Cameroon that do not involve engaging in any criminal activity. Scamming is bad and we’ll never encourage anyone to involve in such activities.

How to make money online in Cameroon without investment

There are some ways you can make money online without investment buy believe me these ways are not very profitable because when you don’t invest in a business the returns can never be substantial. So i won’t advise you use these methods of how to make income online without investment.

How to make a lot of money online in cameroon

The best way of how to make alot of income online in cameroon is to build a website or blog for yourself. And this will mean using at least a little investment. You can start with getting a cheap student web hosting plan from namepress and build your website or blog and start writing about just anything. When you write these post, you can be advertising local businesses on this website to get some passive income.

ways to make money online in cameroon

Now let’s look at some ways to make money in online in Cameroon. At namepress we have a referral bonus we give when you refer customers who actually purchase any of our services. You can earn from 2,000frs to about 20,000frs when you refer a customer depending on the services the customer purchases.

We also have another bonus we give to persons who refer clients to nenics one of our brands providing solar energy and satellite television installation services.

Making passive in cameroon can be somehow very challenging if you are not patient enough for the results to ripen over time.

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