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How to Order Web Hosting in Cameroon

How to Order Web Hosting in Cameroon and get free domains and backlinks. In this post, i will be telling you how you can order web hosting in Cameroon.

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What is Web Hosting in Cameroon?

Web hosting in Cameroon is a service that enables you to launch a website online. In simple terms, web hosting in Cameroon is the service that enables you to store the files of your website. Every website contains data for example: text, images, videos and lot’s more. Just like you store this information on your flash drive or memory card, For these files to be accessible online, we must store them somewhere. This storage online is what is referred to as web hosting.

What to Consider When Hosting a Website in Cameroon?

There are many things you should consider when hosting a website in Cameroon. This is because not all web hosting companies in Cameroon are good. If you’re looking for the best company then you should consider choosing Namepress. Below are the things you should consider when choosing a web hosting company in Cameroon;

  1. Read their customer reviews.
  2. Discover their years of experience.
  3. Look for a company with good customer support.

Who Can Host a Website in Cameroon?

In Cameroon, any adult can host a website. This is because only an adult can enter a valid contract in Cameroon. However, an adult can host a website on behalf of a minor. Nevertheless, bloggers, company owners, NGO’s and business owners can host a website in Cameroon.

5 Advantages of hosting a website in Cameroon?

There are many advantages of hosting your website in Cameroon;

  1. It’s relatively cheaper than hosting abroad. You can buy web hosting in Cameroon for as low as 15,000frs annually.
  2. You can visit the physical location of the web hosting company in case you have any problems with your website.
  3. There are less strict laws to the kind of website you can host in Cameroon. Unlike in Europe and America where there are too many restrictions to the kind of sites you can host.
  4. Better traffic potential on Google since we are dealing with a smaller audience. This means SEO will be relatively cheaper.
  5. Low web development fees. It’s cheaper to hire a web developer in Cameroon than in Europe since the currency in abroad is higher than the Francs.

Best Web Hosting Company in Cameroon

There are many web hosting companies in Cameroon. But this does not mean that all of them are good. if you’re looking for the best web hosting company in Cameroon, then you should consider choosing Namepress.

How to order web hosting in Cameroon

STEP 1: Visit our website

To order web hosting in Cameroon, you should start by visiting our website. Click here to visit our website.

STEP 2: Choose your web hosting package

The second thing to do after visiting our website is to choose your desired web hosting package. Your choice will depend on how much space and bandwidth you need for the website. If your website will contain videos, it is recommended to choose our unlimited web hosting package.

STEP 3: Choose a Domain name

After choosing your web hosting package, you need to select a domain name. A domain name is the unique name of your website:

STEP 4: Place your order

Lastly, you should fill your billing information and place your orders. We have provided many ways for you to send us payment.