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There are certain things you should know about web hosting in Cameroon. Are you a web developer? Are you considering hosting a website in Cameroon? Then there are some very important things you should know about web hosting in Cameroon. Many people always think twice about hosting their websites in Cameroon. This is because they don’t trust the quality of the services they are going to get. However, when hosting a website in Cameroon, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of web hosting in Cameroon.


You Always Get a Free Domain Name

When you host a website in Cameroon, you will be given a free domain name. Some web hosting companies in Cameroon provide this domain name free for the lifetime of your web hosting. Click here to buy web hosting with a free domain name for life in Cameroon.

You Always Get Free Backlinks

Some web hosting companies in Cameroon such as Namepress always give you free backlinks for your SEO. This is because a website without visitors is worthless. So if you know how to do your SEO by yourself, then you should consider buying SEO web hosting from Namepress. Click here to buy the best SEO friendly web hosting in Cameroon.

Free Customer Support and Website Migration

Most web hosting companies in Cameroon provide free customer support. Also when migrating your website to Cameroon, you will get free website migration. This means that you will be assisted in transferring your website from your old server to Cameroon completely free of charge.


1) Limited Customer Support

Most web hosting companies in Cameroon provide very limited customer support. But if you’re looking for a web hosting company in Cameroon with the best customer support, then you should consider Namepress.

2) Too Much Competition

There is too much competition in the web hosting sector in Cameroon. Almost every web developer provides web hosting as well.


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